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Bowser is a big, fat turtle/Koopa who is usually Mario's arch-nemesis. He is the leader/king of the Koopa Troop army, and often likes to kidnap Princess Peach or conquer the world, althrough his plans almost always fail.



Bowser and Mario are enemies in the official Mario games. In SMG4's bloopers, they are still enemies most of the time, but sometimes cooperate when they have a common goal.

Princess PeachEdit

Bowser's most common plan is kidnapping Princess Peach.


The Great Bob-omb AdventureEdit

Bowser first appears at the very end of the blooper, where Cursor lands in his lair. He then held Cursor as hostage.

Ssenmodnar 3 & future appearancesEdit

Chances are more likely for Bowser to appear in Ssenmodnar 3 and future bloopers, as he is a major character.

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