Bowser Junior's Control Machine
Season 1, Episode 8
Episode info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date TBA
Idea by Unknown
Directed by HassanLechkar
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The Long Haul
Bowser Junior's Control Machine is an upcoming HassanLechkar blooper.
This article is about an upcoming blooper.

Some, if not most, details are not revealed as of yet. Add any revealed ones on the page if needed.

Plot Edit

The blooper starts with Bowser Junior watching Doofy the Dragon at Peach's Castle, when he starts to realize what it's like to live with normal people. He asks Bowser but the latter isn't interested. Junior tries asking Chef Pee Pee but the chef just tells Junior to go away as he's making chocolate ice-cream. Bowser Junior is mad and accidentally says "wizard", thus summoning Rocks. Bowser Jr. tells Rocks about his problem, and Rocks gives him a machine that resembles a Wii U Gamepad. Junior asks what is it, and Rocks tells him that it is a machine that can grant wishes.

In the clock room, Junior tests the machine on a Goomba, saying that he wants the Goomba to stop working. It doesn't work, and the machine reminds him to press a button while saying a wish. Junior tries pressing a button, and it works, thus the Goomba stays still. Jr. then tries the machine on Bowser's TV, of whom is watching Charleyyy and Charleyy. The duo comes out of the TV, and Bowser is surprised as Charleyy bites Junior's finger. Junior then says that he wants Bowser to be a princess, thus gaining the latter a princess dress. Bowser looks in the mirror in the mirror room down the stairs and then screams.

Bowser Jr. then stands next to a Thomas the Tank Engine-themed bucket, and wishes Thomas would be his humping machine; however, Thomas just gets in the bucket and drives away. Junior then tells IR that "Charlie bit [his] finger"; however IR thinks about the YouTube video. Junior then says he wants IR to be so happy he is filled to the brim with energy. When this is granted, IR starts spazzing out around the Castle, riding on a stuffed horse, and eating several bowls of spaghetti under 10 seconds. MeerkatMario notices this and tries to call his friend. Meanwhile, Junior keeps wishing for stuff, including Donald Duck humping the floor, Chef Pee Pee being a girl, Princess Peach hanging from the exterior Castle wall, and Shy Guy refusing to eat toast.

By this time, MeerkatMario and Sabrina Spellman notice the changes around the Castle, and then notice Junior playing around with the machine.

To be continued...

Characters Edit

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