Luigi swimming with Dorrie in Super Mario 64 DS.

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Dorrie is a large, friendly Plesiosaurus who makes his first appearance in Super Mario 64. In Super Mario 64 DS (a remake of Super Mario 64), he wears goggles, and resembles the Dolphins from Super Mario World.


Future appearancesEdit

Bibi 64

Mario on the original Dorrie.

He doesn't appear in any HassanLechkar bloopers, due to most places in Super Mario 64 not being shown in former bloopers (except for Peach's Castle and the Castle Grounds), but is due to appear in future bloopers. However, no evidence of this is shown as of yet.


  • A sign near the lake in which he takes residence states he might eat visitors if they get too close, although in actuality he proves to a be a harmless, friendly creature.
  • In the Japanese version of Super Mario 64, Dorrie is referred to as "Doshi", most likely a parody of the Loch Ness Monster (who is mostly referred to as the nickname "Nessie", which is pronounced, in Japanese, "Neshi") and Yoshi.