Gourmet Guy is a fat Shy Guy, with a blanket, fork and knife.
Gourmet Guy

Gourmet Guy.


He first appeared in Blooper TV, where a Koopa who calls people "gutless fatsos" approached him and called him a "gutless fatso", which caused Gourmet Guy to angrily punch him in a rage, flying into the entrance of Peach's Castle. It explodes on contact with the Koopa, causing technical difficulties.
Gourmet Guy snaps

Gourmet Guy raging.

The transmission didn't come back for a long time, replaced by a couple of clips including first a "MARIO SPIN SPIN TIME" segment, then Mario spazzing out, and finally Ned and Newton dancing among rats. SMG4 then appears and describes how bad it is, but not before the transmission finally comes back to normal. Koopa then apologizes Gourmet Guy, only to get the same punch.