Artwork of Luigi.

Luigi (other names: Luigi Mario, Luigi Gaywalker) is Mario's younger brother. Even though they look similar, they are different from each other: Luigi wears green and can jump higher than Mario. He also has a cowardly personality.


The Great Bob-omb AdventureEdit

Luigi first appeared in The Great Bob-omb Adventure as a cameo twice, where he annoyed King Bob-omb and alerted Sonic, and beat jessica belz to the top of the tower.

Ssenmodnar 2Edit

He reappeared in Ssenmodnar 2 as a discoloration (this leads to him resembling Mr. L from Super Paper Mario) in one skit involving him, Oggy and Jack getting hit by Earth.

Blooper TVEdit

Luigi reappeared as a cameo during a drugged Dr. Mario's hallucinations, along with Princess Peach.

Luigi dancing with Mario.

Ssenmodnar 3Edit

Ssenmodnar 3's character list reveals that he may appear in the video.


  • Despite being brothers, Luigi doesn't appear taller than Mario neither in SMG4 nor HassanLechkar's bloopers.
  • Luigi's first appearance in Mario canon was in the arcade game Mario Bros.. The Year of Luigi was a special event in 2013/2014 being held in commemoration of Luigi's debut in said game.