Vital statistics
Position YouTuber
Age 12
Status Alive
Nickname(s) HassanLechkar
Physical attributes
Height 1.82 m (5 ft 7 inches)
Weight 231 lb (98 kg)
HassanLechkar also known by his name MeerkatMario is a Moroccan machinimist who is known for his Super Mario 64 Bloopers. He currently has over 200 subscribers.

Appearances Edit

The Great Bob-omb Adventure Edit

MeerkatMario makes his first appearance in a blooper at the end, thanking the viewers for watching.

Ssenmodnar 2 (100 subs special) Edit

He appears off-screen along with Dark Daisy and IR at the end of the video. MM and Dark Daisy are arguing in this appearance until IR interrupts them.

Blooper TV Edit

When the video starts, MeerkatMario appears and hurts his foot after he long jumps from the top of the stairs. He is never shown in another skit as Dr. Mario does.

2 Days of Spaghetti: The Blooper Movie :D Edit

MeerkatMario makes a minor appearance in this video.

A Rocks for a genie. Edit

MeerkatMario makes a main appearance in this video along with IR and Rocks.

Welcome to Cappy Town! Edit

MeerkatMario appears once again as a main character. He ends up in Cappy Town along with IR where Kirby is hidden.

Future appearances Edit

It isn't impossible for him to appear in future videos, such as Ssenmodnar 3, YouTube Science! (Time Travel Edition) or Pokémon!.

Trivia Edit

  • Other blooper machinimists such as AgentMuffin and BedrockPerson are influences to MeerkatMario.
  • MeerkatMario and his family in real life go to his grandma's house every Friday and MM becomes an anon on Wikia on his Acer AspireOne laptop.
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