MeerkatMario Interactive Simulator
Season 1, Episode TBA
Episode info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date TBA
Idea by HassanLechkar
Directed by HassanLechkar
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Cardiac Arrest in a Nutshell.
MeerkatMario Interactive Simulator is an upcoming interactive HassanLechkar blooper that will bear some similarities to SMG4's "Mario Simulator Interactive".
This article is about an upcoming blooper.

Some, if not most, details are not revealed as of yet. Add any revealed ones on the page if needed.


IR is given the task to buy some shoes for Princess Peach, and it ends up turning into a big adventure as Peach gets captured by Bowser. The viewer helps IR by clicking on annotations in the style of commands. Unlike "Mario Simulator Interactive", if the viewer gets a Game Over, IR is forced to start over from the beginning.



The video starts with IR standing in the Castle, when he receives a message from Princess Peach. It reads, "MY SHOES ARE OUTDATED SO BUY ME SOME NEW ONES EYE-ARR". IR starts to become angry, but accepts the deal anyway. He goes out the Castle and the viewer is given three tasks:

  • Look for some shoes
  • SERIOUSLY, I'VE HAD ENOUGH - IR suddenly says "Hey, stinky" and explodes, giving the player a Game Over: I Quit Ending
  • Help me - The narrator gives IR some advice, which humorously is long enough for IR to give up midway, giving the player a Game Over: Boredom isn't good Ending

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