The fake Millennium Star.

Mario party 3 Millennium star

The real Millenium Star.

Millenium Star
is a name that goes for two Star entities. One is a false, and the other is real.

Fake StarEdit

The fake Millenium Star appeared in Ssenmodnar 2 (100 subs special) where it greeted Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Daisy and Yoshi. It also put Donkey Kong in 4th place, making him ragequit.

Real StarEdit

This character does not appear in HassanLechkar's bloopers yet, but has been planned to appear in one or more.

Should the character appear, you can expand it to include an Appearances section and/or remove this template from the character's page.

The real Millenium Star doesn't appear in any bloopers yet, but is probably yet to appear in any future HassanLechkar bloopers amongst other characters such as Pikachu, Mouse Fairy and Mecha Dragon.