Ned with money

Ned with a few coins (in is actual first appearance not in HassanLechkar's bloopers).

Ned Flemkin is a typical 9-year-old kid who has a pet newt. he called him Newton; he bought him because it was the only pet he could actually afford.


Blooper TVEdit

Ned first appeared in Blooper TV along with Newton, Jerry, Tom, George, Joey, Gourmet Guy and a Koopa Troopa. In that blooper, he was one of the people cameoing when Disco5505 noticed (to himself) the TV was changing channels
Ned with a bank whatever that is
itself (actually a drugged Mario had the remote control in another room and was messing with it himself). He later appeared a 2nd time along with Newton at the end of the technical difficulties Gourmet Guy invoked earlier on; both were dancing along with rats when SMG4 then appeared to say how bad it is.