Newton stand
Newton (full name: Newton Flemkin) is Ned Flemkin's pet newt. When Ned feeds him Zippo Newt Food, he temporarily grows 6 foot tall in 190 cm. he can talk, and he can shapeshift into many different forms.
Newton next to Travel Zippo

Newton in his newt form.


Blooper TVEdit

He first appeared (in his taller form) in Blooper TV amongst other characters such as George, Tom, Jerry, Dr. Mario, Joey and even his owner, himself and Ned
Newton pose
appearing when Disco5505 noticed that the TV was changing channels itself.
Newton in a toy car

Newton (in his newt form) in a toy car.

Then it turns out that a drugged Mario was controlling the whole thing via a remote control. He later appears when Channel 2's technical difficulties end with him, Ned and several rats dancing.[[Category:Cameos]