SM64 Shorts: The Quahogs
Season 1, Episode 1 (SM64 Shorts)
Episode info
Series SM64 Shorts
Air date 2015
Idea by HassanLechkar
Directed by HassanLechkar
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SM64 Shorts: The Quahogs, more commonly referred to as The Quahogs, is an upcoming HassanLechkar Super Mario 64 Short.
This article is about an upcoming blooper.

Some, if not most, details are not revealed as of yet. Add any revealed ones on the page if needed.


MeerkatMario and IR are disturbed by singing quahogs. They attempt to flee as IR starts to become annoyed.


Everyone is sleeping in the Castle when Newton sneaks up to IR's room, opens a barrel containing quahogs, and runs away, as IR wakes up thinking someone "stole [his] spaghetti" when the quahogs begin to sing. IR is angered and shuts the barrel.

Later, the quahogs arrive near MeerkatMario and wake him up by singing a second time. MM is confused, stating he doesn't know any "shell creatures" living in the Castle. IR appears and tells him those "creatures" woke him up and he's angry because of it. After he says this, the quahogs sing a third time. IR and MM get annoyed and scared and run away.

As the duo runs through the foyer, everyone is awakened. The quahogs get in the duo's way and start singing again. IR has had enough and throws an explosive barrel and King Bob-omb at the quahogs, thus causing a large explosion. When the smoke clears, the quahogs are dead, and sure enough, the duo goes back to sleep.

Unfortunately, that's not the end for IR. A Teletubby named "Tubbystar" starts singing loudly and wakes up IR. In fear, surprise, annoyance, anger and shock, IR passes out. Tubbystar then remarks how someone really "liked" his singing as the video ends.



  • There is a slight reference to the show Ned's Newt, which is also the show of origin of Newton and the quahogs.
  • The song that the quahogs sing to is named M.O.T.H.E.R.
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