Ssenmodnar 2 (100 subs special)
Super Mario 64 Bloopers ssenmodnar 2 (100 subs special)

Super Mario 64 Bloopers ssenmodnar 2 (100 subs special)

Season 1, Episode 3
Episode info
Series Ssenmodnar
Air date December 24, 2013
Idea by Unknown
Directed by HassanLechkar
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The Great Bob-omb Adventure
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Ssenmodnar (real 1st blooper, I think :/)
Ssenmodnar 3
Ssenmodnar 2 (100 subs special), more specifically known as Ssenmodnar 2, is HassanLechkar's 3rd blooper overall and the second Ssenmodnar installment. It was made to celebrate HL having 100 subscribers.


After the name of the blooper fades in on a blue background, the skits start playing.

  1. Jumpman is warding off a giant guy, who tries to forgive him but fails.
  2. Yoshi, Daisy, Waluigi and Donkey Kong arrive at Chilly Waters, where the Millennium Star welcomes them and puts Yoshi in 1st place, Waluigi in second, Daisy in 3rd and Donkey Kong in fourth. This makes DK ragequit and he forces the others to play a minigame contest.
  3. A clip of an Oggy and the Cockroaches episode plays with a chromakeyed Luigi shoved into it.
  4. Peach drives around Mario Circuit, only to get stuck next to a tree while spawning bananas.
  5. A clip of another Oggy episode plays.

The scene then goes back to the background, where MeerkatMario and Dark Daisy are arguing off-screen. IR then interrupts the argument, ending the episode.



  • Stacy/Dark Daisy has an old lady accent in this video.
  • This is the last HassanLechkar video of 2013.
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