YouTube Science! (Time Travel Edition)
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode info
Series Super Mario 64 Bloopers
Air date TBA
Idea by Unknown
Directed by HassanLechkar
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Welcome to Cappy Town!
Blooper TV 2
This article is about an upcoming blooper.

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YouTube Science! (Time Travel Edition) is an upcoming blooper that will be announced by HassanLechkar. The blooper will have science, time travel and guides for machines.

Plot Edit

IR is currently doing havoc and MeerkatMario is going to the mall. His iPhone then rings and it's a call from Old Man Hobo who plans to build a time machine. However MeerkatMario uses vacuum tubes and materials to build a time machine, which ends up as a car with a clock and a Wario ragdoll glued to it. Mario and Luigi however take the machine due to Peach's death five hours earlier that day: Donkey Kong threw a banana on the road to stop IR from bothering him, causing IR to crash into Peach while she was talking with workers at a factory. The Bros. take IR with them. The trio then arrives at the factory, and IR uses one of the workers as a human shield, thus killing him as well. The trio redo the scene and IR starts to get angry, throwing various explosives into the factory, which only gets worse as the whole factory blows up, taking past IR, Peach, and the workers with it.

The Bros. try to redo it a second time, and they end up coming into contact with various events instead, such as noticing MeerkatMario as a baby, meeting the Tasmanian Devil's family on a picnic and encountering the Long family at Hong Kong before eventually ending up at the factory a third time. IR is enraged and just throws Peach out of the scene. Peach ends up inside a pizzeria, where all the people freak out and shoot her to death. The trio eventually tries to redo it another time, and they end up at Bowser's lair instead, where Bowser Junior is eventually playing with his laptop. IR, having had enough, throws the laptop, eventually breaking it and causing Junior to scream loud enough to shake the Earth, taking IR and the Bros. with it. As Chef Pee Pee tells Jr. to get a new laptop in anger, IR is told by a newsreporter that Earth had experienced an earthquake strong enough to destroy all of the buildings, and everybody had suffocated from being catapulted high distances from the planet by the earthquake. IR freaks out and messes with the time machine, ultimately causing the space and time continuum to be destroyed.

Later, IR is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and experiences a segment that parodies Subpar Mario 64. IR gives up as the episode ends.

Characters Edit

NOTE: This list is incomplete.

Trivia Edit

  • The blooper is presumed to have a lot of time travel scenes in it, as well as a few references to SMG4's "Ssenmodnar 9 (Time Travel Edition)".
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